Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Buy Solitaire Jewellery

By July 1, 2020December 22nd, 2020Solitaire Diamond Jewellery

Gemstone jewellery brings a certain element of glamour in its wake which has enchanted buyers of jewellery for centuries. The myriad colours, the shine, the richness and the elegance of gemstones is what has drawn people to solitaire jewellery. But before you set about buying the enchanting solitaires, it is important to know certain things which will help you make the right choice:

  1. Solitaires and diamonds are not the same. A solitaire is a single gemstone with a specific kind of cut in a setting. Therefore, any gemstone can be set in a solitaire cut and all diamonds are not solitaires.
  2. Solitaires are quite popular settings for rings but you can also have them set in other ornaments. Leading jewellers now also carry designs of solitaire diamond necklace, earrings, and even bracelets with multiple gem stones.
  3. When buying solitaire jewellery online or from a jewellery store, check for the 4Cs to be assured of the highest quality. The 4 Cs refer to the cut, clarity, colour and carat and these determine the shine, reflection and quality of the gemstone.
  4. Clarity of the solitaire is the most overwhelming factor when shopping for jewellery from leading solitaire jewellers in Delhi. Clarity refers to the sparkle of the gemstone and the purer the gem, the greater its clarity. Gemstones, especially diamonds, of the same colour and weight may differ in clarity, which also reflects in its price.
  5. Do not consider any one factor in isolation when buying a solitaire. Each of the 4Cs plays a role in determining the quality and price of a solitaire and should be considered together.
  6. Ask the jeweller to provide you with a certificate of authenticity of your purchase of solitaire jewellery. This certificate assures you of the quality according to global standards and also serves in authentication when you wish to resell the solitaire.
  7. Make sure you shop only from authentic dealers of solitaire jewellery. This will reduce your chances of getting defrauded and you will get complete value and quality for your money when you shop for solitaires.

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