Guide To Shopping For Solitaire Ring Settings

When it comes to jewellery, everyone at one point of time or another has coveted a solitaire ring. Quite simply, the solitaire ring refers to a ring with a single gemstone, most popularly diamond, but it could also refer to any other gemstone set by itself in an elegant design. There are no other stones accompanying the solo gemstone and this is what gives the ring its exclusivity, putting all the focus on the gemstone with a clean finish. If you intend to shop a solitaire ring for your engagement or for any other occasion from Hazoorilal Jewellers, then here is a guide to the different solitaire setting types which you can explore:

  1. Prong setting: This is the most common and popular solitaire setting that is sought after by buyers at Hazoorilal solitaire jewellers in Delhi. The prong setting has the diamond or gemstone surrounded by ‘prongs’, or claws, which secure the stone high above the band, allowing for the light to be reflected with greater brilliance and sparkle. The prong setting may have either four or six prongs in its most classic form.
  2. Bezel setting: Another popular setting for solitaire gemstone rings available in the rings showcased by Hazoorilal solitaire jewellers in India is the bezel setting, in which the gemstone is surrounded by a metal band to secure it in place. This is a fairly simple design and since the stone is almost inlaid in the band, it is snag-free and a classic choice for a minimalist look.
  3. Tension setting: For those who like their rings to show contemporary style, the tension setting is a good choice. In this setting, the solitaire is secured between to floating ends of the precious metal band, and there is no metal underneath the gemstone to secure it. This gives the ring a rather contemporary and stylish look. You can explore many solitaire rings in this style in the collection of Hazoorilal solitaire jewellery in India.
  4. Cathedral setting: One of the most sophisticated solitaire ring settings is the cathedral setting. In this style, the solitaire is flanked by what appear as arches, and the stone is set at an elevation, giving it a classy look.

For the finest selection of solitaire rings and more, explore the collections on offer from Hazoorilal Jewellers, one of the most trusted jewellers in the country for over six decades.