Buying a ring is the most memorable part of an individual’s life. It is so because this milestone will help them express their love and care for their partner. It is a symbol of their commitment to be with their partner and never leave them. In such a scenario, it is necessary to buy the perfect ring for them, and this is only possible if you know their ring size.

Hazoorilal Solitaire Jewellers in Delhi

However, if you are not aware of the ring size of your partner, you can easily find the right one by measuring their ring size at leading jewellers like Hazoorilal Solitaire Jewellers in Delhi. This will help you buy the perfect ring for your partner, and you can also gift them a beautiful ring of their choice from a wide range of rings available at the store.

Without further ado, let’s start with a guide to measuring your partner’s ring size. Keep on reading to learn more.

Why is the Size of the Ring Important?

An ill-fitting ring can cause discomfort and pain to your finger, and if it is too big, it can get lost easily. Hence, it is important to know the ring size of your partner and buy a ring accordingly. It will avoid any discomfort that your partner may face when they wear the ring. It is especially important for essential purchases like engagement rings or wedding bands. However, you can buy Hazoorilal’s solitaire jewellery at the best price and elevate your look.

Methods for Measuring Your Ring Size

There are plenty of ways you can use to measure your ring size. Some of them include using a ring size chart, as it is a simple yet effective tool. All you need to do is find a ring that fits, and then you need to compare it with the chart to find the right size of the ring for you. The next method is very handy for those who don’t have a ring. Cut a thin strip of paper or use a string and wrap it around your finger. It should be snug, not too tight. Put it on the ring size chart to check your size. You can also visit a professional jeweller like Hazoorilal Solitaire Jewellers in India to get the ring measured.

International Ring Size Conversion

Ring sizes can vary internationally, making it difficult for you to choose the right size for your ring. In the US and Canada, jewellers use the numeric ring size system, for example, 6, 7, and 8. In the UK and Australia, they use the alphabetical system, for example, L, M, and N. While in Europe, they use numeric sizes, which are often in decimals, for example, 52, 54, and 56. You can use a conversion chart to convert between the different systems of ring sizes.

Final Thoughts

Getting the perfect ring size isn’t as complicated as it seems to be. With these simple tips and tricks, you can confidently measure your ring size and buy the perfect ring for yourself or someone you love. If you want to get a ring that is made from quality precious metals and stones, you can check out the range of rings in the Hazoorilal solitaire diamond jewellery collection.

Happy ring shopping experience!